Equipment use of industrial furnaces
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Autore:  lay1014 [ mar lug 26, 2022 5:06 am ]
Oggetto del messaggio:  Equipment use of industrial furnaces

Industrial furnaces often involve heating processes such as smelting, drying, baking, and chemical reactions in their production processes. The industrial furnace is the heating equipment used for these processes. The fuels that provide heat sources for these devices mainly include gaseous fuels, liquid fuels, solid fuels and electricity. The use of these heating equipment is prone to burns and electric shock accidents. If gas or liquid fuel is used, it may also constitute a fire and explosion hazard in the event of leakage or spillage.
When the industrial furnace is used, the furnace door lifting mechanism must be in good condition, and the broken wire of the wire rope must not exceed the specified value. The heavy hammer is properly configured, and the exposed transmission part should be provided with a protective cover. If it is a water-cooled furnace door, it is necessary to ensure that the pipeline is unblocked, and the pipeline is not frozen in winter. The furnace door should have a limit device. When entering and leaving the furnace, there should be an interlock device to cut off the power supply. The number of broken wires in the wire rope should not exceed 10% within the pitch. The weight suspension of the balance furnace door should be reliable. It is required that the protective device of the exposed transmission part should maintain the correct installation position and the structure is reasonable. The wire rope pulley of the furnace car should be intact. All pulleys and sprockets on the kiln are well-structured, free of defects, and rotate flexibly.
The furnace wall and furnace lining of the industrial furnace body should be tight and free of leakage. Refractory materials are required to withstand heat, corrosion, friction and chemical erosion, and the furnace wall of the furnace body must be kept intact without any defects; the gaps between refractory materials and their products must not leak air; at the same time, the integrity of the furnace must be strong. The gas valve should be able to make the switch stop at any position according to the operation requirements, especially to cut off the fuel supply quickly when the flame is extinguished. The air valve is required to be free from loosening and leakage to maintain its integrity and reliability. Oil pipes, air pipes and heating pipes should be free of cracks and leakage. Pipelines for various purposes should be kept free of leakage, cracks and smooth, the oil nozzle should be smooth, and the oil temperature and oil (air) pressure should be kept normal.

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