Sunshine carbon arc aging machine (domestic) sealing problem
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Sunshine carbon arc aging machine (domestic) sealing problems

Sunshine carbon arc aging machine (is the product to be tested in a closed pressurized test, through heating, so that the water between the test chamber compartment boiling and steam, to be water steam sharply to drive out the cold air in the pot from the exhaust valve, and then close the exhaust valve, continue to heat, at this time, because the steam can not overflow, so that the boiling point increases, get higher than 100 ℃ temperature, so as to get a saturation of steam pressure.

Exploring the sealing problem of sunlight carbon arc aging machine.

In high temperature conditions, such as doing 135 ℃ end high temperature situation, the pressure difference between inside and outside the test chamber increases sharply, this time to test the test chamber body sealing do how? If the seal is not good, there will be serious air leakage, that the test chamber will not get a saturation of the vapor pressure, so as not to achieve the test conditions. This shows that the PCT high-pressure accelerated test chamber sealing has become a key issue. Sealing problems arise, some are design problems, some are maintenance problems. Therefore, we should strictly follow the equipment maintenance manual in the use of equipment for regular maintenance to ensure that the normal operation of equipment, technical parameters do not deviate.

Sunshine carbon arc aging machine (mainly used for solar photovoltaic materials, circuit boards, semiconductors, communications equipment, magnetic materials and other industry products of high humidity, high temperature, high pressure performance, can accelerate the exposure of products in the development or production of bad or defective.

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