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With the great situation of building a new socialist countryside, the transformation of the old village is imminent. Seeing that my hometown Dongsanli Village is about to face demolition and remodeling, all the villagers will support it at the same time, and at the same time, they are preparing to move and squat, and they are busy. I don��t open the exchange, but I am boiling and boiling. I walked through the streets and lanes of my hometown with my nostalgia and remembrance of my hometown. Everywhere I feel very familiar and strange, and at the same time, I have a good childhood memories of my childhood. The county town of Sanli has the name of Dongsanli Village. Since its history, hundreds of years of development history has nurtured countless generations of folks, and 80% of the original original residential buildings are intact, and the streets and alleys are intricately intersected. There are even more vicissitudes in the homes; the roads vary from place to place, and there are straight and sturdy stretches. The grass on both sides of the road is thick and green, just like green ribbons. The land of my hometown flutters in the wind. Because of my growth, the wall of each house is very low. I can see every corner of the courtyard when I lift my foot mokingusacigarettes.com. I saw no pigs in the courtyard. The geese and ducks have only exotic flowers and grasses, and they have a fragrant smell. The courtyard is very clean and relished. It used to be a place where my childhood and friends of the same age played. When we were alive and kicking, let me It is always unforgettable that the door pillars and door faces on each side of each door are finely carved, simple and solemn. The fonts are vigorous, powerful and eye-catching, and the three-dimensional sense is strong; there are loyal family biography, Ji Xing Gaozhao, home and everything... There are also red and hot Xilian, a white-haired old man can be seen everywhere, sitting on the stone pier outside the gate, wearing a simple, crutches in his hand Cigarettes For Sale, eyes watching the scene outside the gate, as if looking forward to With my family, I went to say hello to the old man, and the old man responded with a hand. We looked at each other. I only knew him and he couldn��t remember my name and surname. We chatted a few words and left. The original appearance of the house seems to be a long history in the years. The height of the courtyard wall is full of various kinds of melons and brooding walls. It grows like a snake, and the golden flowers are dazzling, attracting many bees. this Working hard, a kind of natural beauty and poetry are all in the woods behind the house in front of the house, which is as cool as autumn, the tree shrews are filled with nests, and the sounds of birds and baboons are heard everywhere, as well as crisp and sweet. The sound of humming sound, a scene of natural vitality, a realistic oil painting and the puddle of the past has become a flat land. The scene where I used to play with my little friends and the aunt, aunt, and a little wife... The playful figure of washing clothes has become a thing of the past. The grinding discs, stone mills and cattle troughs everywhere on the street have left the eternal era! The Taishan Stones, which are at the intersection of the roads, dare to give each family a house to avoid evil Cigarettes Online. Come to the auspicious as well as the old banyan tree, the old court, the old well, the old mill, the old school... all disappeared without a trace, the reality of this will remain in the long river of history, in our memory, forever existed in me In the camera, written in my collection, the hometown of grass, wood, bricks, and customs... are eternal, gradually disappearing due to the changes of the times, and become beautiful memories. Just after the students are out of school, a group of lively jumps are coming. Children, seeing him or her, there is a kind of sustenance in my heart, he (she) are the descendants of his hometown father, and in the near future, everything in his hometown will become his childhood memories of childhood pink. I don't know how long I have walked out of every street and alley in my hometown. I saw the blank clouds in my hometown. There are countless birds flying in the blue sky. The tall trees are winding around the courtyard Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Swinging; the cars on the streets go back and forth, the busy people are non-stop, only the hometown's court is in the noise, like static and quiet, looking forward to the old look and new look, I am strolling again through the streets of my hometown. I left a series of my footprints again, leaving me with a permanent memory Wholesale Cigarettes. At this time, I am only happy and grateful!

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