What to do if you missed the Kindle update deadline?
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Autore:  ashleyrosa6588 [ gio gen 28, 2021 6:34 pm ]
Oggetto del messaggio:  What to do if you missed the Kindle update deadline?

March 22 is the date off update Kindle Fire and unfortunately, if you have missed the deadline of an update, then there is nothing to why because Kindle support is here to provide proper troubleshooting steps.
When you miss the primary deadline, you can update your device manually for that you need to follow the below steps:
● Go to the menu and after that, click on the settings of your device.
● Once you visit the settings, you have to check for the device info and click on 'check now'.
● When you click on the 'device info', you will find the last update you have performed.
● Once you click on the 'check now' button, it will provide you with the latest version with a popup of download.
● Next, you need to click on the 'update now' button, and the device will start updating it with the latest firmware.
This is how to Update Kindle Fire after you miss the deadline of updation. For more such information, contact us directly or visit the Kindle Fire's live chat section here.

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